Horseback Riding – Rancho Buena Vista

Horse Back Riding


Our carefully planned trails run for miles within the resort, taking you through manicured golf courses, exposing you to breathtaking views of the resort, and giving you the unique experience of riding a Paso Fino along beautiful and undisturbed beaches. All this, under the safety of a private resort environment. For added safety, protective head gear provided at no extra cost.

We cater to all levels of riding skills. Our riders are welcomed with a “crash course” on horseback riding, which combined with the gentleness of our horses and the professionalism of our fully bilingual guides, will make the average beginners feel like a seasoned rider after only a few minutes.

For the children under the age of 8, we offer pony rides and/or Kid`s trail rides. In both, the pony is led by our guide, while the parents walk alongside for the length of the ride.