The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers a culture rich in the arts, which is perhaps best displayed in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. This gorgeous attraction is definitely worth a visit during your vacation to this island. Located in downtown San Juan, it’s an easy commute from most of the main hotels, and is near many other tourist sites you may be interested in visiting, an easy walk to and from nearly anywhere downtown, and a 40 minute car ride from the beautiful Palmas Del Mar Resort on the east side of the island.

Puerto Rico Art MuseumThis museum makes an artistic impression before you even enter. The metal gates encompassing the campus weave through concrete pillars, matching the white walled and red roofed building that will remind those with young Disney fans of a structure out of Meet the Robinsons, seeming to give off a futuristic vibe. The symmetry of the museum, from its wings to the tropical trees out front, reflects the classical era of many of the works inside, and contrasts with the modern appeal of its surroundings.

The entrance of the Museum of Art is only a preview of the marvel of its contents. The left wall of the hallway are lined with dozens of mirrors,  reflecting a landscape of the Puerto Rican coast made entirely of spools of thread on the opposite wall. Just past the entrance desk, an opening in the floor gives you a good view of a fountain below with small sculptures perched at its peak.

On the main floor of the museum you can find most of the classical works by many Puerto Rican artists. Ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, dozens of paintings, wood carvings and even some religious articles can be found across the various wings. A majority of the works are there year round, and are the foundation of the museum’s collection. The main floor is also home to the museums gift shop, with small replicas of the most notorious paintings in the museum.

Leading from the first floor to the second floor is a grand staircase, with symmetrical curving stairways, resembling a classic Victorian mansion. The second floor contains more modern works, ranging from 1950 to 1990. These galleries change throughout the year, and proudly display many works by local artists. In the basement, not only are there several art galleries filled with sculptures and paintings alike, but also workshops for children. Here, they can engage in classes about different forms of art, as well as create masterpieces of their own.

Truly worth a visit as well is the sculpture garden. This garden covers two acres of land in the back of the museum, and is scattered with break taking sculptures of every material. A coy pond immersed in the tropical shrubbery, filled with glimmering fish and vibrantly green lily pads, offers a place of serenity for its visitors. From there, you can catch glimpses of the nearby sculptures, rivaled by none.

This museum is a must see on your Puerto Rico vacation. It is a great way to spend a rainy day, and won’t dip into your trip fund an excessive amount. At only six dollars per adult, and three dollars for children five to twelve, (and free admission for all Wednesdays after 2), a fantastic way to experience the artistic culture of this incredible island.

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