Tanamá River

For the naturalists and thrill seeking tourists, visiting the Tanamá River should be placed as a very high priority. The Tanamá River is a unique river in that it can boast many different adventures such as: rappelling, cave tubing, mountain hiking, trail forest, body rafting, ziplines and miles of caverns and caves waiting to be explored. Puerto Rico VacationsThe Tanamá River is located in the mountainous region known as La Cordillera Central. Its rich waters flows past the towns of Adjuntas, where the river begins, Utuado and Arecibo. The diverse scenery along the stretch of the river changes from volcanic rock to karst rocks and the river has carved out amazingly beautiful, lush green canyons, along with lots of caverns and caves.

There are many different tour groups and types of tours that are offered. Explora Mulitaventura Day Tours, Tanama River Adventures, Tanama Cave Tubing Tours, Atabey Eco-Adventures, Aventureo PTR are just a few of the businesses ready to take you on an adventure. All the tours start in Utuado, which is about an hour and a half drive from San Juan. These tours usually include, for example, a walk through the lush forest to the river and caves, cave exploring and then body rafting or cave tubing. There are waterfalls, fast moving water and mellow water so be prepared for all levels of excitement!

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