Guajataca Lake

For any angler,  camper, or hiker, Guajataca Lake is a gold mine. This 324 acre, man made lake is a hot spot for fishing, filled with dozens of species of fish. It is also a great place to visit on an exceptionally hot day; the large expanse of water makes the surrounding area an average of ten degrees cooler than the rest of Puerto Rico, and is a great escape from the blazing sun! Read more ›

La Casa Blanca

If you are a history buff La Casa Blanca is an spectacle of times past. Searching for the fountain of youth, explorer and politician Juan Ponce Leon was killed by a poisonous arrow before he was able to live in his white fortress. This stone structure is the oldest building on the island, located on the coast. The fort was built in 1521 by the first governor of Puerto Rico,   Read more ›

Caja de Muertos

Puerto Rico is full of hidden treasures, one of the greatest being Caja de Muertos/Box of the dead. Although tall tales of pirates and treasure surround you, this historical site is not a very large one, only a half mile wide, and a mile and a half long… but sometimes the best things come in the smallest cajas. Though the name means literally ‘box of the dead’, Read more ›

Museum de arte de Ponce

Whether you are a connoisseur or just a casual observer of the arts, the Museum de arte de Ponce should be on your destination map when vacationing in Puerto Rico. Considered the finest museum in Puerto Rico, its internationally renowned collection of almost 5,000 objects (including 820 works of art that span 3,000 years and come from Europe, the Americas, and Africa, three cultures that have shaped Puerto Rico’s heritage), creates a unique dialogue between Old and New Worlds. Read more ›

Tanamá River

For the naturalists and thrill seeking tourists, visiting the Tanamá River should be placed as a very high priority. The Tanamá River is a unique river in that it can boast many different adventures such as: rappelling, cave tubing, mountain hiking, trail forest, body rafting, ziplines and miles of caverns and caves waiting to be explored. Read more ›

Ponce Cathedral

Classic Spanish archways stretch down the main hall, their white paint trimmed with   gold emulating the purity of the Virgin Mary, to whom the Ponce Cathedral is decorated. Located in downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico, this cathedral is a remarkable place to visit, whether it’s to attend a Sunday service, or to experience this unique part of history.

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