About Us

Welcome to Surfside Palmas Resorts! Whether you are a guest searching for the perfect vacation experience or an owner whose home we care for and rent to welcome guests, our team of professionals will work hard for you every day to earn your business. We specialize in renting the right home to the right guest. Every day!

Surfside Palmas Resorts` office is located at the main entrance of Palmas del Mar Resort in the Real Estate and Information Center building. The staff is experienced in different areas of Puerto Rico rental and property management processes. Our main focus is customer service. The office is open seven days a week and available at all times for late check-ins, repair issues and assistance with transportation, car/golf cart rentals, excursions, in home chefs, and catering. If you are looking for the inside info on the best attractions and leisure activities, the best restaurants, nightlife and shopping venues, the best of everything – you have come to the right place. Our staff is well prepared to provide you with personalized recommendations and service to ensure a holiday that matches your needs and dreams.

The company was founded by Managing Partners Bradley Cohen and Michael Eugenides in June 2015. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Eugenides have years of rental experience by managing luxury homes in Palmas del Mar, Humacao, which are also personally owned by them.

Bradley Cohen has been a home owner in Palmas del Mar since 1998 and began purchasing and renovating distressed homes since 2012. In June 2015 Mr. Cohen alongside with Mr. Eugenides opened Surfside Palmas Resorts to manage their homes and other villas. Mr. Cohen has been a self-employed trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1988. From 1994 he has been Managing Partner of Snippets Mini Cuts, a small chain of children’s hair salons in Chicago. From 1983 to 1997 Brad was owner of Brad’s Bagels at Indiana University and Purdue University. He is also a long time Board Member and Treasurer at Aspiritech, an Autistic employment NFP.

Michael Eugenides has been involved in Palmas del Mar real estate development for three (3) years. While purchasing distressed and bank REO properties, Mr. Eugenides has overseen the renovation, short term rental, and resale of large vacation homes. In June of 2015 he joined Mr. Cohen in founding Surfside Palmas Resorts, which is currently managing forty properties. He has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1984 and is currently part-time trading electronic futures platforms, and self-directed stock and options strategies.

Nereida Corredor is the Property Manager at Surfside Palmas Resorts. Ms. Corredor has a BA in Business Administration and is a licensed real estate broker, with a vast experience in property management, short and long term rental management, and over fifteen (15) years of hotel management experience.

Loida Alvarez is the Rental Manager of the company. Ms. Alvarez has eight (8) years’ experience in tourism and management experience in hotel and vacation rentals.

Jennifer Vroman is the Reservations Manager at Surfside Palmas Resorts. Jennifer has extensive reservation, sales, concierge and 6 years of customer service experience in the vacation rental industry

Thank you for coming! We are here to help you experience the perfect vacation. Our goal is to provide customized service leading to greater customer satisfaction which will leave you wanting to vacation with us again and again.