Camuy River Cave Park

Imagine wandering through breath-taking caves, the sounds of a roaring river and waterfalls echoing off rock walls as you experience one of Puerto Rico’s most notable natural attractions, the Camuy River Cave Park! Located about an hour and a half outside of San Juan, the Camuy River Cave Park is a system of caves in northwestern Puerto Rico, with the main entrance to the park located in Quebrada, Camuy.  These massive jutting limestone caves form a vast network of underground waterways shaped by the third-largest underground river in the world, the Camuy River.  This stop is an absolute must for those visiting Puerto Rico!

 cumay caveGuided walking tours through the Camuy River Cave Park run regularly throughout the year (offered in both English and Spanish), and for those seeking extra adventure, night tours called ECO NIGHTS are available weekly by special reservations.  It is recommended that you arrive earlier in the day to avoid long waiting times, as tours generally only permit 30-40 people at one time, and the park does close once it reaches a maximum of 1,500 visitors in one day.   Be sure to wear comfortable, non-slippery shoes, as the walk through the caves can be a bit difficult to maneuver in flip-flops!

 At the beginning of the regular tours, visitors watch a short film which details safety information for tours through the caves, and then proceed via trolley to the main entrance of the caves, the Cueva Clara de Empalme.  The trolley weaves through dense canopy trees and vegetation, leading you through what is sure to feel like a jungle tour before arriving at the caves. The Cueva Clara de Empalme is an impressive chamber that is over 700 feet in length and over 200 feet tall.  Here you can see several unique rock and cave formations, not to mention a chance to peek at the thousands of bats that call the caves their home.

 The tour continues through the cave system as visitors descend towards the Cueva y Sumidero de Espiral.  Though the cave itself is off limits (with the exception of experienced splunkers and cave divers, who have received special permission to explore this area), you will be able to see the opening of the cave from observation points.  The descent down towards the Cueva y Sumidero de Espiral can be a bit of a physical challenge as the walkway is slippery, though handrails are provided in certain areas.

 The tour itself takes about an hour and a half, and ends in one of Puerto Rico’s largest parks (which is also a very large tourist attraction in Puerto Rico).  Tours are available Wednesday-Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  The cost is $15 for adults (ages 13 and older), $10 for children (between 4-12), and children under the age of 4 are free.  Discounts are offered for seniors.  The park does charge a minimal fee for parking vehicles as well.  Please also note that in the event of rain, tours of the caves will be stopped due to the chance of flooding.  Don’t miss out on one of Puerto Rico’s most stunning attractions!

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