Las Cascadas Water Park

After a few days of the ocean’s salty water splashing against your skin, and the humidity of Puerto Rico saturates your hair into a state of perma-frizz, a fun filled day at the water park may be just what the vacation doctor ordered! Las Cascadas Water Park is a perfect blend of scenic beauty and active family fun. Located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on the west side of the island, Las Cascadas proudly holds the title of the largest water park in the Caribbean!

water ParkJust like everything else on the island, Las Cascadas provides a unique Island experience. Though smaller than most of the water parks in the lower forty-eight states, Las Cascadas won’t compare to anything at home. Built in 1985, this water park is surrounded by the tropically forested mountains of Aguadilla, and just across the highway from the ocean, although the sound of waves probably won’t be audible over the squeals of toddlers… and their parents.

Though it is relatively modest in size, Las Cascadas houses several attractions for everyone in the family. With a large wave pool, simulating the nearby ocean waves (minus the stinging salt water) every ten minutes, and an attached kiddie-play area, supervision of the little ones is not only convenient for parents, but gives the little ones a chance to build up their water skills! An abundance of life guards is always on staff though, to help ease your mind. If lazing around is your forte, el rio pasivo may be your favorite ride. Just like any lazy river, the classic yellow, plastic floaties are available for your lounging pleasure. However, unlike the lazy rivers back home, this attraction carries you through the lounging areas of Las Cascades, and continues past the shaded areas through the small mountains throughout the park, each covered entirely by tropical greenery, and past simulated waterfalls, that mimic their larger counterparts found throughout Puerto Rico.

If you like rivers, but not the lazy sort, the attractions like El Rio Loco will be more your speed. This particular ride drops you at a nearly ninety degree angle from a towering platform, and lets you free fall/slide into a pool of water at the bottom, where you’ll swim out with a wedgy and an adrenaline rush! The other, more intense attractions to choose from, Las Trenzas, La Bomba, El Cosmo, and El Serpiente, can be found throughout the park; spiraling around each other, looping, braiding, and curving through each other, and bouncing off of the air, each sending your stomach to your throat and then leaving you longing for another round! However, if you’re not willing to risk your lunch, an in-water obstacle course will test not only your strength, but your wit as well!

Las Cascadas is a great day trip, perfect for the whole family. After a few days of island sightseeing, it’s a great way for everybody to have a little fun of their own! Admission prices are quite reasonable for an entire day of fun, costing twenty five dollars for adults, and twenty three dollars for children four through twelve. With a surplus of cheap snack-filled booths, small restaurants with typical ball park food, tables, and shaded lounging areas, it’s incredibly easy to spend an entire day in this unique fun filled water park.

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